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Free UK delivery on orders over £15
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Ethically sourced

A selection of loose leaf teas from renowned tea-growing regions.

Flavour & Taste

Whole tea leaves carefully packed in 50g resealable pouches.

Why loose tea?

No dusty bits, let the leaves steep and fully unfurl in your cup. 

Tea Selection

Loose leaf teas to match your mood

Black Tea


Rich, strong and full bodied

Green tea


Refreshing and high in antioxidant

Tea packaging


Discover the full selection

About Sencha tea
Loose leaf tea

Get to know this traditional Japanese tea

Japanese Sencha tea is by far the most popular tea in Japan, and one of the most consumed green teas in the world. In fact, 80% of all teas that come from Japan is Sencha. Learn how Sencha is cultivated, what are the benefits and how to brew it at its best! 

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Our story

It all started in Lockdown!

Since working from home, the social cup of coffee with my colleagues was quickly replaced by one too many in front of my computer. I love both tea and coffee. However I made up my mind to swap out coffee for tea instead which I decided was a much healthier option.

Tea time

I decided to launch COMPLICI.TEA, and offer quality & simplicity: whole tea leaves, ethically sourced and selected from their growing regions. Carefully packed in 50g resealable pouches, each tea is as fresh as the day it was picked! 

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