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Free UK delivery on orders over £15
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Our Story

Black tea

It all started during Lockdown

"Working from home since the start of the lockdown, the mid-afternoon cup of coffee along with the nice chat with my colleagues was quickly replaced by two or three cups in front of my computer, carrying on with my work. I love both coffee and tea. However I made up my mind to swap out coffee for tea instead, which I decided was a much healthier option: less caffein intake and loads of health benefits. And I saw the difference on how positively this impacted my sleep schedule and my skin after a few months!"

Alice, founder of COMPLICI.TEA

We bring quality & simplicity

COMPLICI.TEA was founded in November 2020, in London. Our goal is to bring quality loose teas and herbal infusions to your home: whole leaves, full of taste & flavour, picked at peak season only. Each tea is packed in a 50g resealable pouch so rest assured that the tea in your cup tastes as fresh as the date is was picked!

We take pride to work with trusted suppliers only, who are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.  All our teas are ethically sourced, and we can guarantee a transparent perspective on where the tea is grown and manufactured.

Earl Grey Tea leaves
Tea packaging

Ethically sourced

Our teas and herbal infusions are ethically sourced from renowned tea-growing regions, picked at peak season. We only work with suppliers who are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

50g resealable pouches

Carefully packed in 50g pouches, which are resealable and aluminium coated on the inside so each tea tastes as fresh as the day it was picked.

Flavour & Taste

Single origin teas, classic blends, flavoured leaves and herbal infusions. From a smooth smokey Ceylon gunpowder, a rich TGFOP Assam to a floral Egyptian Camomile, we have the perfect match!