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Free UK delivery on orders over £15
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Indian tea box
Indian tea box
Castleton Darjeeling
Tippy Assam Tea
Castleton Darjeeling
Tippy Assam Tea

Indian Tea Bundle

Pouch sizes - 2x50g (25 cups each)

Travel to a different continent and discover two wonderful Indian teas: our Darjeeling second flush and Assam black teas. Offering plenty of golden tips, those TGFOP grades have all the flavours and taste you would expect. Our Darjeeling has grown in the Castleton Estate and possesses a delicate strength with wonderful muscatel highlights. With rich malty notes, our Tippy Assam tea offers a flavoursome cup and makes the perfect daily breakfast tea!
The perfect cup
Tea leaves

One teaspoon, or approx. 2g of tea.


200ml of water - filtered to enhance the flavour.


Water close to 98°C.

Tea cup

Let the tea brew for 3-5 minutes.

About Darjeeling tea
Sencha tea leaves

Also called the "Champagne of the teas", Darjeeling tea is the only tea in the world to get protection under the GI trademark. It means that these are grown in the Darjeeling area only and are not grown elsewhere. Darjeeling teas are delicate and well-known for their typical muscatel flavour. Lighter and less astringent than most black tea but more complex than most green teas, its unique flavours profile comes from the Chinese tea genetics mixed with the Indian Terroir. The word muscatel is derived from muscat, a kind of grape known for its sweet, floral aroma. 


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About us

"We bring quality & simplicity"

COMPLICI.TEA was founded in November 2020, in London. Our goal is to bring quality loose teas and herbal infusions to your home: whole leaves, full of taste & flavour, picked at peak season only. Each tea is packed in a 50g resealable pouch so rest assured that the tea in your cup tastes as fresh as the date is was picked!

We take pride to work with trusted suppliers only, who are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. All our teas are ethically sourced, and we can guarantee a transparent perspective on where the tea is grown and manufactured.

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