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Japanese Sencha box
Japanese Sencha box
Japan Sencha Tea
Genmaicha green tea
Japan Sencha Tea
Genmaicha tea

Japanese Sencha Bundle

Pouch sizes - 2x50g (25 cups each)


Calling all Sencha lovers... this box is for you! Discover our traditional Japanese Sencha and Genmaicha, both grown in the Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan. The leaves are traditionally steamed, pan fried and polished. Visually pleasing, they have a distinctive glossy look and feel, and provide a fresh green tea bouquet aroma. You will discover a slightly nutty-like flavour with our Genmaicha, also called 'popcorn tea', as the Sencha leaves are blended with fire toasted rice - this is a speciality Japanese green tea.

The perfect cup
Tea leaves

One teaspoon, or approx. 2g of tea.


200ml of water - filtered to enhance the flavour.


Water close to 85°C.

Tea cup

Let the tea brew for 2-4 minutes.

About Sencha tea
Sencha tea leaves

Sencha tea is grown in complete sunlight, and produced by using an old method of picking up the youngest tea leaves - which are of best quality, steaming them immediately and crumpling them when dried.  It's by far the most popular tea in Japan, and one of the most consumed green teas in the world - delicious in summer time as it's light and refreshing. Sencha tea possesses a high content of antioxidants and polyphenols, helping to preserve a youthful skin and fighting free radicals.


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About us

"We bring quality & simplicity"

COMPLICI.TEA was founded in November 2020, in London. Our goal is to bring quality loose teas and herbal infusions to your home: whole leaves, full of taste & flavour, picked at peak season only. Each tea is packed in a 50g resealable pouch so rest assured that the tea in your cup tastes as fresh as the date is was picked!

We take pride to work with trusted suppliers only, who are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. All our teas are ethically sourced, and we can guarantee a transparent perspective on where the tea is grown and manufactured.

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